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You never know when a vehicle is going to experience some type of break down and need to be towed. This includes buses, which can be one of the most problematic heavy-duty vehicles to tow. Whether it is the result of a mechanical problem, an accident, a dead battery, or a flat tire, being unable to drive a bus off a highway or a busy city street is a difficult situation for a driver to be in. Finding a qualified tow service is not always easy. Buses are some of the behemoths of the road and cannot be towed with the typical equipment we think of when our personal automobiles need a tow to the garage.

Special equipment is required, and the tow operator needs to have a license especially for this enormous job. This is not a task you should trust to just anyone. Be sure to check the qualifications of any business offering bus towing services before you entrust your bus to them. Commercial Towing Services in Buda, Texas, has the skills you are looking for.

Austin Bus Towing

Bus Towing Equipment

The first thing you should make sure of before hiring a bus towing service is that it has the proper equipment to get the job done right. Buses are some of the largest vehicles on the road, and they can’t be towed with an average tow truck. There is a specific type of towing vehicle that is designed just for buses. Any reputable bus towing service should have this kind of tow vehicle. There are many types of buses: various kinds of school buses, tour buses, public transportation buses, and buses designed to transport disabled persons, just to name a few. A licensed and knowledgeable tow operator should be able to use this equipment properly to tow your bus.

Skilled Staff

Anyone operating bus towing equipment is required to have specialized training and licensing to do so. In addition to training, a business with years of experience in the heavy-duty towing industry is also beneficial. Towing is a very hands-on job, and the more real-life experience operators have, the more likely they are to handle your bus appropriately and tow it with proper care. Commercial Towing Services has the years of experience that you want on your side when your bus breaks down. Buses present special towing challenges, and you want to be certain your tow operator is prepared to handle them.

Austin Bus Towing


One of the best testimonials to a trusted bus towing company is their reputation in the community. Every type of bus presents its own set of complications. It is a delicate procedure that requires a very specialized skill set. The professionals at Commercial Towing Services are fully licensed and capable of towing a bus safely out of any circumstance or situation. We have built a strong reputation in the Buda, Texas, area, and our emergency service is ready to answer your call 24 hours a day. Call Commercial Towing Services at (512) 995-0468 whenever you have a bus that needs to be moved. We’ll get you there safely.

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