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Austin’s Leader in Semi Towing Services

Your semi isn’t just a vehicle that gets you from point A to point B. It is your home away from home, your livelihood, and one of your biggest investments. This piece of machinery is not something you want to trust to just anyone when you have a breakdown. When you’re on the road, time is money. If something goes wrong, you can’t be stranded for long, so a quick and reliable tow to get you fixed up and back on the highway is necessary.

Commercial Towing Services is proud to specialize in keeping our truckers trucking, and getting our commercial goods delivered and into the stores we shop. Towing a semi is different from picking up a car and moving it to the garage. Rigs are large and complicated vehicles to move on their own, but when you factor in the trailers they pull, it becomes an even bigger undertaking. Our specially trained heavy-duty towing experts have the experience and tools to take care of your valuable investment until you can get back on the road.

Austin Semi Towing

Time Is of the Essence

When you’re working in the trucking industry, it is of utmost importance to not lose any time. The products you are carrying need to make it to their destinations on time, or it creates a ripple effect of problems that affect consumers, businesses, distributors, and your valuable work time. Accidents and mechanical issues with your rig aren’t just an inconvenience. They are hazards that have the potential to affect your income. That’s why we use GPS tracking at Commercial Towing Services to ensure that we find your location and get to you as quickly as possible when you need to be towed. Getting your semi off the road and to a qualified mechanic immediately decreases the amount of valuable time that you may lose waiting for repairs. Our emergency service is available 24/7, so that you are never left sitting by the roadside, watching your paycheck go down the drain.

Equipment and Staff

Don’t make the mistake of calling the first towing company you can find when you need a tow for your semi. These massive vehicles require a specially trained towing professional and specialized equipment to be moved from the roadway they are broken down on, to a mechanic who can get you moving again. Commercial Towing Services has the proper equipment and a highly trained crew to handle your rig safely and appropriately. Our team is staffed by skilled professionals who can handle all your needs heavy duty towing needs, from getting to a garage to decking and undecking to load shifts and load transfers.

Austin Semi Towing
Austin Semi Towing


There is nothing like experience that speaks for itself. Commercial Towing Services is known in the Buda, Texas, area as the top heavy-duty towing service for semis and trailers. We’ve got the years of experience, the specialized skill set, and the equipment to get you to a mechanic and back on the road as soon as possible. Call us at (512) 995-0468 any time day or night, and we’ll find your location and get you where you need to be, so that you get back on track to earning that paycheck.

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