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Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery

Commercial Towing Services is the industry leading heavy duty towing and recovery company. Serving Cedar Creek and surrounding areas in the great state of Texas.

Emergency Response

The goal is to restore the normal flow of traffic quickly and efficiently. The situations we deal with are both implicitly dangerous and complex. Trust the professionals.

Commercial Services

While we combine well trained, professional operators with top of the line equipment, our honesty and professionalism is what truly separates us from the rest.

Cedar Creek business owners expect their commercial equipment to remain reliable, the roadways to remain safe and hazard-free, and weather conditions to remain favorable. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as we plan them. When the unexpected happens and you find your equipment stranded alongside one of Cedar Creek’s busy roads, you’ll need a towing company that will respond quickly, restoring safety as soon as possible.

At Commercial Towing Services, we are dedicated to keeping Cedar Creek’s roadways safe. We specialize in timely and reliable roadside assistance for commercial clients, as well as light-duty towing for Cedar Creek-area residents. Call us today at (512) 601 6528 for all your commercial and private towing needs.

Heavy Duty Towing

When your commercial equipment experiences an accident or a breakdown, you’ll need a towing company with the experience and the rigs necessary to quickly and safely recover your investment. Commercial Towing Service’s heavy-duty response team is fully trained and certified to tow or recover a wide range of heavy equipment and oversized vehicles. We handle any heavy-duty job; our large fleet of tow equipment is licensed to handle commercial vehicles as heavy as 60 tons.

When the unexpected occurs and you experience a heavy equipment breakdown, simply call (512) 601 6528, and our heavy-duty specialists will respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cedar Creek Heavy Duty Towing
Cedar Creek Wrecker Service

Wrecker Service

Your towing needs are unique; commercial equipment and private vehicles exist in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and weights, making the quality of your commercial wrecker and the expertise of your crew of the utmost importance. Commercial Towing Services protects your investment with a fleet of wreckers certified and licensed to handle equipment up to 60 tons, as well as an expert crew of trained commercial drivers. Our best in business safety procedures and vehicle protection techniques ensure safe recovery of your commercial equipment.

For commercial, heavy-duty, and light-duty wrecker services, contact us 24/7 at (512) 601 6528, and experience the Commercial Towing difference.

Semi Towing

When you’re broken down and stranded, you need a commercial towing service that can quickly locate you and your rig and perform removal services in a timely manner. Commercial Towing Services uses GPS technology to identify your location and will dispatch a trained crew and specialized heavy-duty towing equipment as soon as possible. Your rig is your biggest investment, and our experienced drivers employ time-tested safety procedures to ensure your equipment is handled properly.

For all your semi towing needs, including decking and undecking, load shifts, and load transfers, contact Commercial Towing Services at (512) 601 6528.

Cedar Creek Semi Towing
Cedar Creek Bus Towing

Bus Towing

When it comes to heavy-duty towing, perhaps no piece of equipment provides the challenges presented by a bus. Fortunately, Commercial Towing Services has a large fleet of heavy-duty wreckers and tow trucks designed to service commercial and school buses of all shapes and sizes. What’s more, our team of heavy-duty tow experts are fully licensed and certified to handle even the most challenging bus towing circumstances. Coupled with our 24/7 emergency towing service, you’re guaranteed quality, expert care, no matter when or where your bus experiences breakdown.

For bus towing services both large and small, call (512) 601 6528 24/7 and see what Commercial Towing Services can do for you.

RV Towing

Experiencing a breakdown or an accident while on vacation is stressful enough without the additional worry of locating a towing company equipped to handle your large RV or camper. Commercial Towing Services alleviates that concern with a full range of heavy-duty towing vehicles fully licensed to move your RV as well as expert RV technicians dedicated to protecting your investment. Our trustworthy camper and RV services are available any time, day or night, and can help you get to safety and return to your vacation as soon as possible.

RV and camper towing services are available from Commercial Towing Services 24/7; simply contact us at (512) 601 6528 to discuss your needs.

Cedar Creek RV Towing
Cedar Creek Accident Removal

Accident Removal

Unfortunately, accidents happen frequently on our local roads. Besides endangering the drivers involved in the incident, however, accidents also present a serious hazard to other motorists and can cause severe traffic issues for an extended time after the initial occurrence. When accidents happen in the Cedar Creek area, locals turn to Commercial Towing Services for speedy, safe, and reliable accident removal. Our experts will arrive on the scene as soon as possible with fully licensed towing equipment, clearing all wreckage and the resulting debris from the roadways, and restoring traffic to safe conditions.

For accident removal involving vehicles of all shapes and sizes, contact Commercial Towing Services at (512) 601 6528 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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